How Can You Help Promote Fashion Passion

I wanted to write this blog post to encourage those who want to help promote FashionPassion. The biggest help right now is to talk about us online! All press is good press, so please blab blab blab as often as possible, whenever it’s relevant and wherever you can! Below are a a few examples of online chat you can simply post right on your social media page!  Continue reading

What Is FashionPassion?

FashionPassion is a startup company with the goal of helping millions of people who struggle making everyday fashion decisions. Our app takes advantage of smart phone and tablet technology to create a network that can offer instant fashion advice. Continue reading

What Is A Beta User & Why Should I Want To Be One?

A beta user has special access to the latest version of our app. They get to use the app before the public does. They realize the app is still being perfected so certain kinks may still need to be worked out. They are essentially users who help us test and fine-tune the app before we release it to the public. Continue reading