How Can You Help Promote Fashion Passion

I wanted to write this blog post to encourage those who want to help promote FashionPassion. The biggest help right now is to talk about us online! All press is good press, so please blab blab blab as often as possible, whenever it’s relevant and wherever you can! Below are a a few examples of online chat you can simply post right on your social media page!  Continue reading

Launching FashionPassion

My wife is self-admittedly a terrible decision maker. She always looks fantastic, but many times it takes her awhile to fully emerge from the closet. First there are a few outfit changes, spouting off the occasional curse word and repeatedly asking me, “which outfit looks better?” I quickly learned that telling her I liked whatever she was wearing at that time was not going to fly. I’m a computer guy, so I turned to find an app that might help streamline the getting-ready process and make me look helpful and brilliant. I searched, but I learned it simply didn’t exist. Continue reading

Before FashionPassion (Part 1 of 4) – My First Years in Business

I started my professional career at a promotional products company in 2000. My title was “webmaster” — this meant I was the one who built and maintained anything related to the web site for that company, PromoTrend.

I managed more than twenty “online company stores” that were all part of the PromoTrend web site. Here’s how it worked. PromoTrend had other companies as clients. PromoTrend set up individual sites for each company that sold branded uniforms and other employee trinkets. We also set up and managed employee rewards programs for these companies through the online stores. Clients would reward their employees with points. The employees could then trade those points in on the web site for hats, key chains, grills, electronics or anything they desired on the site. Continue reading

Before FashionPassion (Part 2 of 4) – One Very Interesting Day

I had been working as a lame duck at BriteScreen for a few months while Vadym and I prepared to launch our new company.  (Read how I became a lame duck in my previous blog post.) I hated going into the BriteScreen office every day during that period, but I knew there wouldn’t be a second chance to make the break and confront the other owners, thus, I wanted to prepare for as many things as I could. Continue reading