How Can You Help Promote Fashion Passion

I wanted to write this blog post to encourage those who want to help promote FashionPassion. The biggest help right now is to talk about us online! All press is good press, so please blab blab blab as often as possible, whenever it’s relevant and wherever you can! Below are a a few examples of online chat you can simply post right on your social media page! 

Before we pass along those ideas, here’s a little more information about the app. FashionPassion is currently looking to sign up beta users so that once the app is ready (late Summer/Fall of 2013) there will be a small community of users in place to help us test out the app. Having this community of beta users will allow our directors and engineers to make the app even better before we launch the app to the masses and increase our marketing efforts.

Right now, we’re in the app development phase, and we’re signing up beta users at – It’s a quick three-field form with an email verification, so please sign up if you haven’t already done that.

Additionally, we want to build our following on these social networks:

Facebook Ideas: (Feel free to customize of course!)

Twitter Ideas:

  • My friend’s cool new fashion app coming soon: – BETA USERS NEEDED! Check out @fashpassionapp
  • My new addiction may be @fashpassionapp – It’s as fun as was but actually relevant.
  • I just signed up for #FashionPassion – my followers should sign up too so we can give each other fashion advice @fashpassionapp

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email: Thanks!