Run a Giveaway to Promote Your Blog

One of the best ways to get people talking online is to host a giveaway of something with value.  As part of the Fashion Expert Beta User Recruitment Program, FashionPassion sponsors bloggers to buy gift cards from fashion boutiques. If you have a gift card from a boutique or anything else of value, it’s a great idea to use it in a giveaway!

Be warned that giveaways can get complicated to manage very quickly though. Below are some tips on the best way to manage a giveaway:

  1. Think about the purpose and the goals of the giveaway:
    • Are you trying to get more people talking about your blog?
    • Do you want to reward your existing blog subscribers or Twitter followers?
    • Do you want to help the boutique store get more likes on Facebook?

    All those things and more can be accomplished, so consider what the ideal results of the giveaway would be ideal for you?

  2. Keep the entry process as simple as possible.
    • Simple entry tasks can be:
      i.    Re-tweet something
      ii.    Post on Facebook about something
      iii.    Like a page on Facebook
      iv.    Be a blog subscriber
    • Complicated entry tasks such as asking someone to write an essay in order to win are probably not the best way to get lots of people talking.
  3. Use giveaway software to manage the giveaway!
    • The free tool at is a great tool for managing your giveaway.
    • To get even better results consider letting FashionPassion help you run the giveaway or invest in the $7 a month version Rafflecopter tool.If you are an enrolled member of the Fashion Expert Beta User Recruitment Program and you want us someone to manage the giveaway for you, just email to ask for some help.
  4. Keep the entry terms as simple as possible.
  5. Set a time limit and promote your giveaway!

The above list of tips is an abbreviated version of items from — Read that article for even more information.