Tips & Ideas for Bloggers to Approach Boutique Store Staff as Part of the Fashion Expert Beta User Recruitment Program

The Fashion Expert Beta User Recruitment Program is meant to help bloggers expand their business just as much as it is meant to help FashionPassion recruit beta users.  Thus, FashionPassion wants you to customize the approach you use as it will best match your business goals.

It’s a great idea to promote yourself and your blog during a visit to a boutique. If you want to discuss with them advertising or sponsorship space on your blog, you should be to incorporate that into your approach. We want you to make the most of your visit!

The $10 gift card sponsorship by FashionPassion is a great way to break the ice and a great way to be sure that the boutique store gets something out of your visit even if you decide not to do any other business with them.

  • Consider scheduling your visit:
    Do a little online research and find out the best person at the boutique to talk to. It’s probably going to be the owner or the general manager.Write or call this person and tell them what you were thinking. Below is an example of an email that you might send to a boutique store owner:—–Example—–
    Hi Sandra, {insert their name},My name is Andrea {insert your name} and I have a fashion blog which gets over 400 views a day! {Insert whatever your best statistic is here.}Anyway, I was thinking that I might be able to setup a time to visit your boutique sometime this week. During that visit, I hope to get more familiar with your store and possibly find some content to write about on my blog.Additionally, a company called FashionPassion is sponsoring my visit, so at the very least, I’ll be able to buy a $10 gift card from you and I’ll give it away on my blog which should mean a bit of free press for you.Please let me know if there is a good time for me to visit!Thanks,
    Andrea Sampson {insert your name} {insert your blog url}
    618.555.3245 {insert your phone number}
  • Make the most of your visit:
    You can try to schedule a time to visit as explained above, but it is very often that a stop-in will work just as well. If you do stop in unannounced, try not to go at busy times. When a store opens in the morning is usually a good time to visit.Be sure to do some preparation before you go. At least, go to their website and try to understand who their clientele are and how you might be able to help them expand their business. Bring your tablet with an internet connection or your phone with two web pages already open in the web browser:1st Tab: Your Blog or Facebook Page
    2ndTab: Your FashionPassion expert signup page.Most boutiques have staff that will greet you when you visit.  Here’s an example of how you might go about discussing things during your visit:—–Example—–
    Staff member: Good morning and welcome.You: Thanks and good morning to you.Staff member: My name is Joanne. Please let me know if I can help you with anything. [This moment is key! They have introduced themselves and it is polite to introduce yourself back. Position yourself close to them when you do this if possible. If they are busy with something else, just make it a point to remember their name, say thanks and approach them once you can get their full attention.]

    You: Thanks Joanne. My name is {your name} – [reach out your hand to give them a handshake.] I’m actually a fashion blogger and I was going to do some browsing today, but what I really wanted to do is to get a better idea of your store and see if there is anything relevant that I might be able to discuss online.

    Staff member: Oh, interesting…

    You: Are you the owner of the store?

    Staff member: I am actually.

    You: Great! While I browse around, I’d love if you took just a minute look at my blog which I have pulled up on my tablet here. It gives you an example of what I write about and if you have any ideas that you think would be good for my blog, I’d be happy to consider them.

    Staff member: Sure.

    You: In addition to my blog, I’m also here to help promote a new fashion app which may be of interest to you. There is a 2nd tab open on my tablet and that company called FashionPassion. They would like me to buy a $10 gift card from you today if you sign up to be a beta user on their app which is going to be released soon. Everything about their app is on that page. The 30 second video shows you how it’s going to work and they are looking for people who know fashion. Being that you spend a lot of your time in this store, you are a very sought after user for them. Their user agreement is pretty basic and they are won’t spam you.

    Staff member: Sure, I’ll check it out.

    You: Great. Also, if you sign up, I am planning on giving away the gift card I buy from you today through a promotion on my blog. If you are really feeling generous or want to invest in some marketing for your store, you might be interested in upping the amount to give away? The bigger the amount, the more online buzz it will generate.

    Staff member: Sure, I’ll double the amount to $20!

    You: Great! Let’s do it then!

    You’d proceed to sign them up as a FashionPassion Beta user and buy the gift card. Be sure to thank them for their time before you leave.

If you are considering a gift card giveaway: be sure to visit for more details on that process.

As previously mentioned in this blog post, it’s a great idea to promote yourself and your blog when you are talking with people from boutique stores. It’s unlikely that any visit will be as basic as the example provided above, but don’t let that deter you.

FashionPassion really wants you to succeed in your visits to boutique stores! In support of that mission, we’d love to work with you directly plan your boutique store visit and help manage your giveaway. Please contact to discuss the possibilities.