Fashion Expert Beta User Recruitment Program Ideas for Inserting Your Custom Link into Online Content

We want to see as much success as possible from our Fashion Expert Beta User Recruitment Program! To help facilitate success, below are a few examples of how members might publish their custom link and encourage people they know to sign up as beta users:

  • By Sending Direct Messages To People They Know:
    Direct messages can be sent in so many ways. Consider email, Facebook, Google+ just to name a few. Direct messages are great because they usually have a very high chance of being read and responded to by the indented recipient.  Of course, it’s a lot more time consuming than just updating a Facebook status or sending a tweet. We recommend that you send direct messages to people that you really want to join you as part of the beta user group. We do not recommend spamming people. In fact, spamming people is against our terms of service agreement.Here is an example of a direct message that you can use. Be sure to customize it with your information (especially your custom url) before you send it out.

    • Example ——-
      Hello {insert-friend-name},I hope you are doing well. I was recently asked by the founder of FashionPassion to help sign up beta users for their soon to be released app.  I think you would be a great beta user and it would be great if you signed up!  The app is a platform to get and give instant fashion advice. It’s going to be cool if they do it right and it looks like they are doing it right.The 30 second app demo video and the beta user signup form is at {insert your custom url here}. Signup is really easy too.I hope you will join me as a beta user.  I will also receive a really small amount of financial compensation if you sign up on the page that I sent you, so that is good too.Thanks!
  • By Posting A Status Update:
    Posting a status update gives your contacts an easy way to read what you have to say without applying any direct pressure for a response. Status updates are a great way to get the word out!Here is are two examples of a status message that you can use on Facebook, Google+, Skype or any other social network that you prefer. Be sure to customize it with your information (especially your custom url).

    • Example 1——-
      Looks like I will be able to get and give fashion advice instantly via social media soon. Check out {insert your custom url here} and do me a solid by signing up to be a beta user on that page!
    • Example 2——–
      Hello friends. Help me out by joining me as a beta user on a soon to be released fashion advice app. {insert your custom url here} has a 30 second demo video of the app and signup takes less than a minute. Please join me!
  • By Tweeting:
    You know what a tweet is. Be sure to use a link shortener for your url! (Use if you don’t already have a favorite link shortening program.)

    • Example 1——-
      Soon I’ll be able to get and give fashion advice instantly via social media. Check out {your-shortened-link-here} and sign up to join me!
    • Example 2——–
      I need fashion savvy beta users! Sign up in under a minute at {your-shortened-link-here} to join me! It’s good karma.

    Be creative! These are just a few examples to get your own ideas rolling.