What Is FashionPassion?

FashionPassion is a startup company with the goal of helping millions of people who struggle making everyday fashion decisions. Our app takes advantage of smart phone and tablet technology to create a network that can offer instant fashion advice.

For example, let’s say you have a job interview coming up. You want to dress to impress. You have two outfits you love, but you’re struggling to decide which one is best.

All you need to do is open our app, snap two photos, ask a question and sit back as fashion advice immediately starts rolling in. We’ve made the posting process as easy as possible, and let us be the ones worrying about keeping your feedback constructive.

You can use the app every day for work or school, before a date, to dress for your wedding, or for any occasion.

Reviewing other people’s choices is fun too! You’ll keep yourself up-to-date on style and make new friends as well.