Launching FashionPassion

My wife is self-admittedly a terrible decision maker. She always looks fantastic, but many times it takes her awhile to fully emerge from the closet. First there are a few outfit changes, spouting off the occasional curse word and repeatedly asking me, “which outfit looks better?” I quickly learned that telling her I liked whatever she was wearing at that time was not going to fly. I’m a computer guy, so I turned to find an app that might help streamline the getting-ready process and make me look helpful and brilliant. I searched, but I learned it simply didn’t exist.

I didn’t instantly decide I would spend my time and energy developing FashionPassion. But the idea wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t help but spend my time doing more research and trying to figure out any downfalls of the idea. The vision for FassionPashion kept on gaining focus and momentum.

We got married in July of 2012 and moved to Omaha for her work shortly after that. Prior to coming to Omaha, I had built a set of mockups for the app and did a ton of research about the market. I used my connections to pitch the business and help me prepare for what I was still just considering to undertake.

When we got to Omaha, I did a lot of networking and got to know quite a bit about the tech-entrepreneur scene here in Silicon Prairie. I continued to look for reasons why the software company I wanted to start would fail. I found thousands of reasons it could fail, but also found thousands of solutions and ideas which would help to ensure that it wouldn’t.

I polished the business plan, completely redesigned the software and started talking to developers. I decided I was going to go for it. The first steps in the business plan were to:

  • Setup Facebook and Twitter sites. Completed last week.
  • Build a promotional site for the app with a blog. Done on whatever date shows in the heading of this blog entry.
  • Start recruiting beta users. Our goal is 1500! Please sign up if you haven’t already.
  • Build the actual app. This isn’t done yet, but it will be ready soon! Stay tuned!

Thanks for your interest! Don’t forget to signup to be a beta user, and tell your friends and family to do the same. The signup is on the homepage of!