Before FashionPassion (Part 3 of 4) Starting Frontier Web Development

Vadym arrived in Minnesota just days after I cut ties with the other owners of BriteScreen. On our drive home from the airport I gave a more detailed account of the BriteScreen breakup. We agreed on the priorities for the following days, and it was a wonderful reunion.

At the time, I was a 26-year-old unmarried man who lived with two other 26-year-old unmarried men. Vadym, who was 28 at the time, was to be the fourth roommate. I had moved into my house two months prior to Vadym’s arrival. (2006 was obviously a great time to buy a house in case you were wondering).

Anyway, we got home from the airport, I gave Vadym a tour of the bachelor pad and we celebrated the launch of what was sure to become a million dollar company.

On Thursday, we looked at office space and settled on a Deephaven location which was seven minutes away from our house in Minnetonka. It was a seven month sublease for one 300 square foot room with a tiny bathroom that doubled as the heating and air conditioning room. It was quite dingy and it had half a window above ground, but the price was right at $350 a month!


Above I am looking at duo CRT monitors in our original office space. The monitors were a gift from my gracious Uncle Mark Steingas who had upgraded to the fancy LCD monitors a few years earlier. The desk was new from Target (purchase price $49.95 and was easily the largest company purchase at that time.)

We finalized our new company name. We agreed on Frontier Web Development. (Note: This name choice will become very important six years later), registered the name with the state, designed a logo, put up a very simple site, and opened for business.